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Your Mortgage Broker Canterbury Specialist

As your Mortgage Broker Canterbury specialist, we can obtain a fantastic deal on your new finance or assist in improving on the loan you currently have.

What Makes Us your Mortgage Broker Canterbury Specialist?

What makes us a Mortgage Broker Canterbury specialist? Experience in the market and long term dealings with the lenders! This is what sets us apart. Dennis has been mortgage brokers for over 19 years, (32 years in banking and finance) financing and managing over half a billion dollars of home loans. Dennis has the experience and know how to get a great deal for you. Knowing and understanding what each lender is looking for when they approve a loan is vital when submitting an application. Our experience and years of knowledge sets apart.

Who Do We Assist?

It doesn’t matter what stage of your home buying journey you are at, as your Mortgage Broker Canterbury specialist, Dennis can help. Whether you are a First Time Buyer or maybe looking to upgrade You may be looking to invest for the first time or the tenth. Maybe you need to consolidate some debts to make life easier. Or you have had a loan for a bit and you just want to see if you can get a better deal. Dennis has the experience to cover all your options. It also doesn’t matter whether you want an established property, looking to do some renovations, or wanting to build you own place, Dennis has done it all and can help you with your individual requirements.

Why Not Go Straight To A Bank?

You could do that. However, will they tell you their competitor has a better rate. Will the bank tell you about all the smaller lenders who don’t necessarily have a big branch network but offer great deals? What about non-bank lenders, those with no branch network? A big bank certainly won’t tell you about them. That’s our job. To find you a better deal than you may be able to get by going direct to the bank. Sure, there’s a little bit of pain in switching your banking to a new lender. However that pain is a once off and is only minimal. Imagine if you took out the wrong loan and it cost you thousands and thousands of dollars over the course of your loan, Wouldn’t that little bit of pain and time taken be worth it. Why give more to the banks than you need to.

Mortgage Broker Canterbury and Surrounds

Not only are we Mortgage Broker Canterbury specialists, we can assist no matter where you are located. Dennis has experience dealing face to face, over the phone and email and via face time chats. So if Dennis can’t get to you for whatever reason, he can make it happen one way or another.


The Home Loan Comparison Co.  compares home loans from a much wider variety of banks than most people have time to consider, and we find the loan that suits your goals.

We are experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated to building ongoing relationships to keep on providing personal and valuable service that is rarely experienced when dealing with the banks.

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