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Home Loan Calculators

Have you looked at our Home Loan Calculators yet? If not, why not? There are plenty of options in there. You don’t need to be buying a property to take advantage of the calculators. You can use them to save on your existing loan as well.

What Home Loan Calculators Are There?

Borrowing Power Calculator

Loan Repayment Calculator

Extra Repayment Calculator

Budget Planner

Purchase Cost Estimator

Income Tax Calculator

Lump Sum Calculator

Why Use These Home Loan Calculators?

Because they are free to use. They can also save you a HEAP of money.

Imagine if you could look at the difference in costs from your existing loan, to a new loan with a reduced interest rate. Well, no need to imagine. Take a look at our Home Loan Calculators and see for yourself.

You can also look at what repayments will be at a certain loan size. Just remember, banks may lend you the amount of money required to get the property, but that’s no good if you can’t afford the loan. Know what your repayments will be BEFORE you start looking. This also applies to how much you can actually borrow. You should always get a Pre-Approval before you start house hunting. Our Borrowing Power Calculator is a good place to start.


The Home Loan Comparison Co.  compares home loans from a much wider variety of banks than most people have time to consider, and we find the loan that suits your goals.

We are experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated to building ongoing relationships to keep on providing personal and valuable service that is rarely experienced when dealing with the banks.

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